Surgical Site Infections – step by step

Online conference in unique formula, in real-like hospital conditions

2 June 2021 - Interactive online event

The transmission has ended. The recording will be available on this site within 2 weeks time.

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The transmission has already started!

We would like to invite you to an online conference in unique formula, in real-like hospital conditions. We all are aware that surgical site infections (SSIs) are an important target for the surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

Thus, it is worth analysing, step by step, every single factor that may reduce the risk of treatment complications. At our meeting, we will trace and map the patient’s journey from qualification to surgery through admission to hospital, surgery, postoperative care and further outpatient treatment. We plan to guide our audience, in a unique formula, through the patient’s complete hospital experience, accompanying him at each of its stages.

We want to pay special attention to what is happening in the operating room. We will talk practically, we will try to identify the most important critical points and together look for solutions aimed at minimizing the risks of surgical site infections. With the right knowledge and determination, it is possible and doable!

We cordially invite doctors, nurses, and scrub nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists and all those involved in the process of care for an operated patient.

The conference is an introduction to the book „Surgical Site Infections”, which release is planned for mid-2021. It will be conducted by the editors and authors of the publication. We do hope the conference will be a great opportunity to discuss and review our thesis to finally refine the formula of the book in order to make it the most practical and useful. It is high time to pay attention to what is important, practical and often overlooked in perioperative care.

Let us meet together, so that our findings and the publication eventually become guidelines „from healthcare providers – for healthcare providers”.

Tomasz Banasiewicz

On behalf of the Organizers,
Prof. Tomasz Banasiewicz


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